Top 10 Head Turners In EDM Because They re So Damn Good

Flume - "Skin: a sonically diverse and experimental album blending genres like future bass, trap, and house.

Porter Robinson - "Worlds: a mesmerizing and emotional journey through various electronic genres. 

ODESZA - "In Return: a dreamy and atmospheric album featuring organic instrumentation and uplifting melodies. 

The Chemical Brothers - "Surrender: an iconic album featuring big beat anthems and collaborations with guest vocalists. 

Skrillex - "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites: a groundbreaking EP that helped popularize dubstep and bass music in the US. 

Deadmau5 - "Random Album Title: a classic album featuring progressive house tracks and memorable melodies. 

Moby - "Play: a landmark album that popularized sampling and helped bring electronic music to the mainstream. 

Jon Hopkins - "Singularity: a meditative and introspective album fusing techno and ambient elements. 

Daft Punk - "Random Access Memories: a funky and nostalgic ode to disco and electronic music of the past. 

Aphex Twin - "Syro: a masterful album showcasing the intricate sound design and production skills of electronic music pioneer Richard D. James.