Khosty' Movie Review

"Khosty" is a Tamil horror-comedy film, dubbed into Telugu, directed by Kalyaan.

The film stars Kajal Aggarwal, KS Ravi Kumar, Yogi Babu, Urvashi, and Rajendran in lead roles.

Kajal Aggarwal plays Inspector Aarthi, who accidentally kills an innocent civilian and experiences absurd events in her life as a result.

KS Ravi Kumar appears as a gangster in a funny role, while comedian Yogi Babu provides some relief with his witty one-liners.

Actor Jai does a meaningful cameo in the movie, while Urvashi is fine in her role, and comedian Rajendran justifies his role and evokes laughs.

The film's plot is silly and lacks coherence. The horror scenes are not scary, and the emotional angle doesn't work well either.

Kajal Aggarwal's performance is unimpressive, and she has nothing much to perform. The makeup on her and KS Ravi Kumar's faces is too much.

The movie has only one forgettable song, and the cinematography and background score are average.

The editing could have been better as many unnecessary scenes could have been trimmed off in both the halves.

Overall, "Khosty" fails to impress as a horror-comedy, with poor writing, direction, and execution, making it a meaningless film that falls short of expectations.