10 Most Beautiful Types Of Parrots In The World

1. Green Parrot

Parrots are much infamous because they are affectionate, amusing & intelligent.

2. Parakeet

Among different type of parrots, parakeets previously spelled paroquet/paraquet are seed-eating, slender build, small size, and a long tapering tail parrot.

3. Lorikeet

This short-tail and talking parrot is extraordinarily colorful parrots of Australia & New Guinea that fee on pollen & nectar.

4. Cockatiel

A small, gray, crested Australian parrot with a red ear patcher, yellow head & a heavy beak for cracking nut is called cockatiel.

5. Bristlehead

There are numerous kinds of parrots and bristlehead/Bornean bristlehead/bristled shrike/bald-headed crow/bald-headed wood shrike is one of them.

6. Budgerigar

Nicknamed as a budgie, budgerigar is another seed-eating, a long-tailed parrot whose name’s origin is ambiguous.

7. Cockatoo

This parrot species is found in New Guinea, the Soloman islands & Australia.

8. Macaw

Macaw is a long-tailed brightly colored bird whose male and females look similar.

9. Rosella

A popularly caged and broad-tailed colorful parrot is rosella.

10. Conure

Although it has come into sight in various scientific journals, ‘conure’ is primarily used in bird keeping.