Best Lg Microwave Oven in India

Best Lg Microwave Oven in India:- Nowadays due to hectic lifestyle people does not get enough time to prepare food for themselves. Preparing a meal is lengthy work and requires a lot of time. For smoothing the process use of microwave even increased, but choosing a better product in accordance with need is also requires some knowledge about the product.
Here we provide the list of best microwaves from LG company which will make your life easier in terms of cooking. As cooking in the microwave is a healthier option and health experts also suggest using the oven instead of eating processed foods.
So, LG microwave has all the options such as baking, roti making, diet fry cooking, grill, and many more. All the facilities can be availed in one microwave or one can opt for a specific type as per their choices or requirements.

6 Best Lg Microwave Oven in India

1.Lg 32l all in one charcoal convection microwave oven

Best Lg Microwave Oven

  • Model name: – MJEN326PK
  • Colour: – black floral
  • Material: – stainless steel
  • Human interface input: – touchscreen
  • Installation type: – freestanding

This microwave mjen326pk comes with 1 year of warranty, installation and demo will be provided by the company. This microwave comes in a premium range as it offers all functions of ovens in one. As it can be used for making ghee, different kinds of roti along with roti basket to prepare, and other facilities are available in it. The best feature of the Best Lg Microwave Oven this microwave is it maintains the natural flavors of the food and cooks faster, saving time as well as energy. It got a 4.3 rating out of 5 in global rating. It is suitable for grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking, as it has a charcoal lighting heater which makes the process easier and faster. The microwave contains 1 glass tray,1 rotating ring,1 multi cook tawa,1 rotisserie bar,1 rotisserie handle,1 shelf,1milk pasteurization kit,1 owner manual,1 recipe manual,1 cook.


  • It comes with a 32L capacity which is beneficial for large families.
  • The microwave comes with 1 year of warranty on the product, 10year of warranty on
  • charcoal lighting heater, and 4 years on the magnetron.


  • It is heavyweight so can’t be wall-mounted.

2.Lg 32l convection microwave oven

Best Lg Microwave Oven
  • Model name: – MC3286BRUM
  • Material: – ABS
  • Colour: – black
  • Human interface input: – buttons
  • Installation type: – countertop

Mc3286brum LG microwave comes with diet fry which prepares food with less use of oil and makes the food healthier. It also has an Indian roti basket which has been upgraded and now prepares 12 different kinds of roles, along with these facilities it gives 360-degree rotation for the grill which provides even cooking to our food while we are doing the grill. The best part of this microwave is it comes with a starter kit and is simple to use for long life. This contains multi-cook Tawa and allows to prepare ghee, curd, and paneer such as kind of food items with the very normal process. So many of us have questions like can we make pizza in it so it is very good for baking items and also gives taste to our meal like pizza, cake, grill, sandwiches, etc. While baking you can use stainless steel microwave-safe containers but if you want to use aluminum bowls then you can use it on convection mode only.

Pros: –

  • The microwave comes with 1 year of warranty on the product and 4 years on the magnetron.
  • It has to defrost the system.
  • It gives a cooking completion alarm.
  • It has a rotary mechanism for the grill.


  • It does not come with a door lock.
  • It does not have a charcoal option.

3. Lg 28l convection microwave oven

Best Lg Microwave Oven

  • Model name: – MC2886BRUM
  • Colour: – black
  • Material: – ABS
  • Human interface input: – Buttons
  • Installation type: – countertop

The attractive and most usable feature of this microwave is it gives preheating facility in convection mode. As it is a convection model so it is very beneficial for people who want to buy the Best Lg Microwave Oven for health purposes. While using utensils for micro mode always go for glass, silicon, and microwave safe plastic as metal utensils cannot be used nor utensils with metallic paint can be used. But for the purpose of the grill, you can use metal and not silicon, or other utensils. But when cooking in convection mode containers used should be metal, glass, silicon. It is suitable for a family of four people and it gives almost every facility for cooking in less time within a low range. In today’s time, this product makes life easier and also gives the opportunity to have enjoyed such as it has the option for bar-be-queuing and it is the hassle-free process when using LG mc2886brum microwave oven. Along with the microwave a set of plastic dishes are given which can be used in the microwave and it also provides a starter kit with this.


  • This microwave 1-year warranty on the product and 4 years on the magnetron.
  • It has a 251 auto cook menu.
  • It is the lite weight microwave oven.


  • Metal bows cannot be used in microwaves.
  • It does not come with an additional warranty card.

4.Lg 28l charcoal convection microwave oven: –

Best Lg Microwave Oven

  • Model name: – MJ2886BFUM
  • Colour: – black
  • Material: – steel
  • Installation type: – freestanding

This microwave with28L capacity is good for small families and suitable for large families as it has 271 auto cook menus with it. The most important part of this microwave is it has a charcoal heater which is lightweight and also makes the process fast without harming the flavor and nutrition of food. The LG product gives features of roti making, ghee making in just 12 minutes, pasteurizing the milk. These features are given apart from baking, grilling, etc. the manual for preparing the food is also provided by the LG microwave company. It is a digital oven with so many facilities with it, you can boil eggs also and can prepare a full meal in less time. The power taken by this microwave is also very less and it can work on 230voltage. In my personal view, this is the Best Lg Microwave Oven as it has a charcoal heating system and the charcoal does not even smell while cooking.


  • This microwave oven also has 1 year of warranty on the product and 4 years on the magnetron.
  • It comes with a child lock facility and also has an alarm of cooking completion.
  • The charcoal lighting heater maintains the natural flavor of the food.


  • It does not come with a crusty plate.

5.Lg 20l grill microwave oven: –

Best Lg Microwave Oven

  • Model name: – MH2044DB
  • Colour: – Black
  • Material: – metal
  • Human interface input: – keypad
  • Installation type: – countertop

This LG microwave is in the lowest range and gives the best feature in this range. It has a steam clean feature and is certified by health plus which assures healthy and tasty cooking. The mh2044db microwave oven is specifically for grill purposes and the quartz heater is fast in comparison with the sheath heater, the comparison is given by the company itself. The heater used in the microwave is placed on the top of the cavity which gives more space and prevents burning our hands. The best thing about this grill microwave oven is it evenly circulate which gives faster and healthier cooking with I-wave technology. This is the Best Lg Microwave Oven only for the grill, one can make pizza, sandwiches, boil vegetables, bake but the functionalities are very restrictive in it. It has all the options of preheating and it cools down in 5 minutes.


  • It has an anti-bacterial cavity and avoids odor formation.
  • Easy in cleaning and Energy saving.
  • Suitable for bachelor and small families.
  • This LG microwave has 1 year of warranty on the product.


  • The starter kit is not available.
  • Steel utensils cannot be used.

6.Lg 21L all in one convection microwave oven: –

  • Model name: – MC2146BL
  • Brand: – LG
  • Material: – ABSHuman interface input: – keypad
  • Installation type: – countertop

Mc2146bl microwave oven is all in one convection microwave in a medium range. It comes with a 151 auto cook menu, stainless steel cavity, quartz heater. The quartz heater in the LG microwave oven reduces the risk of hand injury thus it makes the cooking safe. It fasters well as safer to cook in large chunks in one go. This microwave allows making roties, any type of meal, paneer, ghee, curd, and health-conscious food item with just a tip of oil. As it is mentioned in the name itself that it is all in one convection microwave oven, convection ovens are more used nowadays as it is beneficial for heart patients as it reduces the use of oil while cooking. For the use of all kinds of cooking, this is a better option in the lower range but it does not perform like the big capacity microwave however it got a 4.2 global rating out of 5 stars. if you want to have all in one microwave oven in the lower range, this is the Best Lg Microwave Oven for you.


  • Mc2146bl microwave gave warranty on the product for 1 year.
  • It is more hygienic and more durable.
  • It comes with a child lock safety and starter kit.


  • Metal containers or vessels cannot be used.
  • This does not allow to prepare roti.

Lg Microwave Oven Buying Guides

The purpose for buying: –

While buying a microwave oven it should be taken care of that for what purpose we are going to purchase the oven e.g. if we need an oven only for a grill then we should go for that only, such as MH2044DB LG microwave will be Best Lg Microwave Oven for the grill.
If the purpose is to serve a big family, then a 32L microwave oven will be beneficial e.g. MJEN326PK all in one convection microwave from LG.

Exchange option: –

One should consider the option of exchange is available or not. It will benefit the customer and will reduce the price in exchange.

Safety: –

Safety checking should be done such as checking whether there is any child lock given or not if you have kids in-home.
Safety can be checked in terms of the warranty period. In general, 1 year of warranty is given by the company on the product and 4 or 10 years of warranty given on other factors. Apart from the company’s warranty online selling platforms also provide a safety period in form of a warranty. Best Lg Microwave Oven
Extension in the warranty is available in case of device failure. It is given in the MC3286BRUM microwave oven and in the MC2886BRUM microwave oven.

General points to be covered while buying: –

Apart from safety, warranty, and purpose, a person should know the accessories. This means that there is any scheme available on buying together for savings.
Installation and demo are available or not it should be taken care of by the consumer if buying for the first time or if you are new to the product.


Due to sudden changes in the environment, the need for a healthy diet became very important. It became very tough to maintain our diet properly in a busy environment. LG microwave oven will help to reduce the risk of unhealthy eating, save time as well as give a delicious taste to our food.
Buying a microwave oven for health purposes or for saving time LG gibes better option for Togo. Before you buy you may try some by visiting the store, if it does not convince you, try our Best Lg Microwave Oven as above mentioned in the list.

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