Best convection microwave oven in India

Best convection microwave oven in India 2022:- Shopkeepers can influence you to buy a Samsung microwave even if you want to buy an LG microwave. They can sell you an IFB microwave even if you want Samsung. But are those best as per your requirements & needs? But in this Article, after comparing all models of all brands, I’ll tell you the best microwave as per your needs.

Best convection microwave oven in India 2022.

Listen to these points to select the aptest microwave. 2 types of microwaves are- Solo microwaves that produce heat by vibrating water molecules and convection microwaves that produce heat with the heating element. Their purposes are different. For reheating, go for a solo microwave and save money. But for grilling, baking, etc, go for a convection microwave oven.

A convection microwave is a blend of a Solo microwave and an OTG with many modes. These are commonly used, models. Their power consumption is between 700W to 3000W. They can be used in a varied manner. For 2-3 members, I recommend the 28L model as it has more space & better power options. The price difference is only Rs 2k-3k.

Invest wisely. Popular marketing gimmicks- you can buy 2017 microwaves as microwave technology has not evolved in the past10 years. 2017 model is as good as recent models. Don’t fall for the latest model’s marketing gimmick. The only evolvement is the charcoal element in LG microwave ovens. LG claims that its patented tech improves the taste of food.

However, this is still a topic for discussion. 2nd gimmick is the ‘Auto Cook Menu’. Brands claim 100-250auto cook menus. But how many options have you used till now? Spending money on this feature is a waste. It is a big marketing gimmick. Do not fall for it. Another important part is the cavity which is the inner part. It is of 2 types-

1. Stainless steel (difficult to clean and doesn’t get cleaned properly).

2. Ceramic cavity offered by Samsung and other brands (easy to clean).

This is my 15-year-old Samsung microwave. Its ceramic is still new. This is 3 years old LG stainless steel microwave. It is not that clean. Decide on yourself wisely. Magnetron; the heart of the microwave; is responsible for heating. Without it, the microwave is nothing. Do check its warranty. An extended warranty plan is a must and I recommend Warranty.

I don’t give it an affiliate link. Buy it from anywhere but protect your appliance from day one. The salesman tries to sell the microwave on which they can earn maximum profit. But on this website, we only run UNSPONSORED CONTENT. We work for you. My recommended microwaves will be best for your use and will help you save money.

Kindly help me by buying from the Buy On Amazon Button and in the ( Recommended microwave list. Kindly use them during purchase as it helps this Site financially without changing your price. This is how we create such content without any pressure. First, let’s discuss solo microwaves. If you only want to re-heat food, then buy solo microwaves. The only model that I recommend is

Samsung 23L solo microwave

It comes with a ceramic cavity & auto-cook menu (good for cooking a variety of rice). They are not meant for grilling or toasting. Heating can be regulated as per you need a power level regulator. It comes with an auto defrost option & a deodorizer. Deodorizer will eliminate the previous aroma.

The newly cooked food will have its own aroma and it is good. On eco mode, microwaves will use less electricity. The tact & dial control is a jog dial. It has a child lock too. These are inbox accessories. It has 1 year comprehensive & 10 years warranty on the ceramic cavity. It costs Rs 6000 only. This is an amazing price for a microwave. Prices are subject to change. Do, check it.

Pros & cons- it has 1 issue there is no warranty on the magnetron. With a magnetron warranty, it would have been unbeatable in this category. But you can use Go Warranty plans to fix this issue.

Pros- it is amazing will all it’s features. This is the latest model but you can buy previous models too. But this is the best model which is why I recommend it. It has all features.No. 5 in my list of best convection microwaves in India 2022 is an

LG 28L microwave.

I bought it 3 years back. Despite being a reviewer I bought a no. 5 product as I am not the head of my house. It has 900W-1950W power. It comes with stainless steel cavity & 251auto cook menu. Neither I nor my wife has used even 10 auto cook menus till now. Large no. of auto cook menu is not an advantage.

The interleave tech will evenly distribute the hot air for even cooking (basic work of microwave). It is not a good feature, rather it is a good marketing gimmick. The fermentation function as well as it allows you to ferment curd. LG has also overhyped the 12 min ghee feature. Quick defrost is there in almost all brands which are good.

Frozen food can be easily defrosted before frying which is good for health. Keeping warm for 90 min is a good feature. The food can be kept warm at the same temperature for 90 minutes. Grabbing the handle is convenient. Keypad buttons on the front give quick responses. These are in-box accessories. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty.

It costs Rs 12,200. The same model in another color costs Rs 12,500. Another model with tactile buttons & jog dials cost Rs 15,000. There is only a color difference in the first 2 options. The third option has 4 years warranty on the magnetron.

Pros & cons- it is amazing with almost all its features. I am using it for the past 3 years. The only issue is the lack of warranty on magnetron. Its magnetron gets damaged after 1-2 years and its replacement cost Rs 2000-3000 (not good). That is why I don’t recommend it. You can buy its third model This Rs 15000 model has a total 5 years warranty on magnetron. This will secure your microwave. No. 4 in my list of best convection microwaves in India 2022 is a

Whirlpool 30L microwave with 900W-2000W power.

It comes with stainless steel cavity & 7 cooking modes with a 300 auto-cook menu. Brands play with your psychology by providing these huge numbers but nobody uses them. The feather touch membrane is an over-hyped feature. The multi-heat tech allows you to use it in various power modes such as solo, microwave, oven, grill, etc (basic work of all microwaves). Zero oil cooking is a good feature. A microwave works as an air fryer and will cook food without oil. Access to Whirlpool its turntable diameter is 315mm. The turntable is the circular plate inside the microwave which has been portrayed as a feature. Other brands offer even more turntable diameter without portraying it as a feature. I don’t know about Whirlpool. It has to defrost function. These are accessories. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty & 5 years warranty on magnetron. The brand will replace magnetron for 5years. It costs Rs 13,000 (good).

Pros & cons- it is amazing with almost all features. Marketing gimmicks have already been told. It lacks a special starter kit and Rotisserie. Otherwise, it is perfect for 13,000. Links are in the description. No. 3 in my list of best convection microwaves in India 2022 is the

IFB 30L microwave with 800W-2200W power.

It comes with stainless steel cavity & 101 auto cook menu. It has a fermentation function for making curd. Steam clean extracts the oil & dirt residue which is good. The motorized rotisserie is good. Last time by mistake I told that it lacks a motorized rotisserie. But it is there and it works flawlessly.

It has 11 temperature selection modes which allow you to cook different food at different modes (good). It comes with a deodorizer and keeps warm for up to 90 min function. The food can be kept warm in it for 90 min just like in an LG microwave. Overheating protection is amazing.

The microwave will switch off the element when it will be overheated. It is a good safety feature. These are accessories. It has1 year comprehensive warranty, 3 years warranty on magnetron &cavity, and 6 years of support on spare parts. 6-year spare part support is amazing. It costs Rs 13,500 with a motorized rotisserie (a reasonable price).

The three IFB variants of this model are-

1. With rotisserie for Rs 13,500.

2. With jog dial but not rotisserie (Rs 12,500)

3. With a tactile button and no rotisserie (Rs 12,800).

Choose the best one for you.

Pros & cons- it is amazing with all modern-day features. You will not feel a shortage. But this is not the most powerful model. However, it is not a big con. It is a wonderful microwave. No. 2 in my list of best convection microwaves in India 2022 is

Samsung 28L microwave with 900W-2900W power (whopping).

It comes with a ceramic cavity which is easier to clean. You get almost 100 auto cook menus and Slim Fry and Tandoor tech. Samsung has named it tech and it can be used to cook food in low. Tandoor tech allows you to raise temp up to 200°C and make tandoori roti or naan. Tandoori tech is good for foodies.

It has a fermentation function for making curd. The power selector is also there. The best thing is a turntable off option that allows you to stop the turntable from rotating. You can cook the food as you want. Only Samsung has given this wonderful feature. Power defrost is common. It has a touch keypad control on the right side.

These are accessories. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty, 5 years warranty on magnetron & 10 years on the cavity. Samsung is sure of its ceramic cavity. It costs Rs 11,000. The three variants of this model are- This model of Rs 11000.Without tandoor and slim fry tech which costs almost the same.

The first option is a better option. With keypads and printed doors. It looks beautiful but cost Rs 14,500. The decision is yourself. Except for looks, everything is the same. 2nd model has lesser features. My recommended model has all the features for Rs 11,000.

Pros & cons- it is a feature-rich microwave with all features. 900W to 1900W power options are solid. The only c0n is that it lacks Rotisserie function. It is not that big a con unless you use rotisseries. Otherwise, it is the best. No. 1 in my list of best convection microwaves in India 2022 is LG 28L charcoal microwave with 900W-1950W power.

It comes with stainless steel cavity & 271 auto-cook menu which is a waste. It has 360° motorizes rotisserie and charcoal lighter heating. Access to LG, it’s charcoal lighter enhances the taste and reduces power consumption. Despite 900W to 1950W power options, it cooks food faster because of the charcoal lighter heater.

It is better than the coarse heater and that is why it is on no. 1. Steam clean option like IFB is good as it cleans oil and food residue. Rotary knob control and diet fry are good features. It is the same feature as slim fry but with another name. It is a feature that will use 88% lesser oil acc to LG. Access to me it will use very less oil. It has both Fermentation & defrost functions.

These are inbox accessories. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty, 4 years on magnetron, and 10 years warranty on the charcoal heater. LG is quite confident about its charcoal heater. It costs Rs 18,000. The other 2 options are- 1. This model of Rs 18000. 2. With a floral door for Rs 18,750. 3. Without charcoal heater for Rs 15000. The choice is yours.

Pros & cons- it is amazing but I can’t comment upon the authenticity of the charcoal heater as it is subjective.LG provides a lot of accessories. But nothing comes for free. You directly or indirectly pay it in cost. Rs 18000 is not a less price. By not buying a charcoal heater, you can save up to Rs 3000.

Consider my second option i.e Samsung too. Friends all my recommended Microwaves and OTGs are given in the description and in VM-One Recommended Microwave and OTG list. They are my short-listed models and they will not disappoint you. This is how we produce such content. Ask your questions in the comment section. I’ll reply soon. You can DM me on social media and I’ll reply within 48 hrs.

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